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About Find Car Washes.Com

Find Car Washes.Com, has been created by Harry Barrett. Harry is a professional car demonstrator and plated driver who works for BCA, based at Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire.

One of the main frustrating parts of Harry’s job is finding somewhere to get the cars washed to showroom standards prior to delivery. Not an easy task when delivering cars to in the most obscure places throughout the UK.

Harry conducted market research during 2013 to establish geographically where car washes are located, and the different type of car washes available throughout the UK. This research led Harry to establish, to allow him and others to use the website to find local car washes with good reputations, recommended by local users.

Out of his frustration, his desire to deliver the best, and his love for cars, website was created. This is the only Website in the UK where you can Find Car Washes listed all in one place, including up to date travel infomation along with a usefull journey planner, and all available to you Free of charge.

Find Car Washes.Com is a website that helps people like you to find a car wash, hand car wash, or a jet wash near to you.


For Business Owners

You can advertise your business for free. Whether you are offering a macanicall car wash, hand car wash, or a jet wash, we can point customers direct to you for free.